About Us

Based in the Estuary town of Maldon in Essex, Red Cloud bring a simplicity and functionality to Website design.

Simplicity is the Key

With a strong background in photography, Tom's work has a strong sense of space and minimalism. This approach has been to driving force when it comes to design and website development. The 'less is more' design philosophy always takes precedence; we want our sites to be easy to clean and simple yet functional and easy to navigate.

``Simplicity is complexity resolved`` Constantin Brancusi.

team member
Art Director

Bringing his eye for composition and creative flare to the table to create great sites

Tom McGahan

team member
Assistant Director

Bringing his youthful knowledge of technology and graphic design, Chris is our lifeline to the current and modern.

Chris Adds

Meet the Team

Here at Red Cloud Media, the work that we do would not be of the excellence that it is without the ceaseless effort of our team.

Each player has a key role in designing and defining our work; we all bring something new and unique to the table to bring originality and quality to each project we undertake.

Our Work Process

Key to our product is the way we work.



An intitial interview to discuss your project and needs.



A brainstorming session to bring your ideas to life.



Mapping it out, finding a theme that works for you.



The techy stuff, making sure all the bells and whistle are in tune.

Our Skill

Our strong skill set in Design Photography and Web Development, harmonise perfectly which helps us produce a great finished product

HTML 80%
CSS 60%
Jquery 75%
WordPress 80%
PHP 60%
Design 75%

best solution for your business

we work on larger scale projects as well as small scale projects